Because thoughts keep chasing me till I pin them down. So, I ramble, rave, recount, and ruminate here to liberate myself. 🙂

Saluting the Ghost Ship
February in Books
After Calvin
A Bright Ray of Sunshine
When The Calendar Became Something Else
Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 5
Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 4
Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 3
Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 2
Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Day 1
Acceptance is a Small Room
After Work
With Love, From My Nephew
Little Comics, and Limitless Happiness
The Blues
January in Books
On a Book-buying Hiatus
Of Dobby, and Some Delightful Memories
The Dreamcatcher
All about #24in48readathon
My First Readathon
Readalong: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, January 2016
The Rabbit Didn’t Vanish

I Surprised Myself
The Cornered Books
Colouring Inside the Lines
The Breathings of My Heart
Doors Keep Opening: A Prelude to 2016
Thichi’s Boy Turns Ten
Where There’s Tea There’s Hope
Embracing the E-Reader
In the Time of Floods
November in Books
The Not-So-Common Buyers
A Priceless Portrait
It Began With The Last Leaf
We’re All Mad Here
A Refreshing Escape
Of Mindful Mornings
A Knitted Memory
Besides Books – Part II
We Met Again
Besides Books
Because It Didn’t Kill Me
There is Only Now
My Life in Books
The Year of Letting Go
Of a Brat and his Boundless Love
To Hunt the Rats in My Dreams…
Events Are Cowards
Of Zennish Crocodiles and Spirited Books
Calvin Turns 12
40 Years of Labour of Love
An Unplanned Break
Bumpy, Yet Beautiful, This Thing Called Life
What’s Behind the Stars: Some Thoughts on Goodreads’s Ratings
What Rain Did To A Child
The Window to the Unknown
Of Bookish Gifts and Little Pleasures
A Forced Gift
From the Dogeared Pages
My Year So Far
A Cruciverbalist’s Christmas