300 Things I Hope: Give Me More

I turned 30 on Friday, according to the Hindu almanac. So, I decided to celebrate my birthday again. (I celebrated one last month.) 🙂

When I shared a sheepish post on Facebook, asking my friends to wish me, and send me presents, I didn’t expect them to play along.

This is how I look when I am sheepish. 🙂

Many sent me virtual hugs, and gifts. I was super happy with that. But Uncle OT sent an Amazon gift card. Like really! I love the Internet, and the book-blogging community. They know how to have fun.

This is how I looked when I received the gift card from Uncle OT:


So, using the gift card that Uncle OT presented, I bought quite a few amazing books. But I want to tell you about this heartwarming book for now.

300 Things I Hope by Iain S. Thomas

CaptureIn the adorable book, the author hopes for 300 beautiful, moving, simple things for us. Just that. He simply hopes. Each page carries one hope, and some pages feature minimalist illustrations by Carla Kreuser. Most of them made me smile.

As I read the book like the world was ending that night, I told myself that I should make it a tradition to read the book on my birthday every year, and gift it as birthday present to friends. I am also thinking of writing postcards to some of my dear ones, with some ‘hopes’ from this book. As the world is becoming more cynical, hope is the panacea, isn’t it?

Here are my favourite hopes from the book:

  • I hope you never become something you hate
  • I hope you always have a pen
  • I hope you never have a sleepless night
  • I hope you always have something to say in a lift
  • I hope you discover a book written entirely about you
  • I hope you get to meet yourself as a stranger
  • I hope you never sit next to someone in a movie who tells you what’s about to happen before it happens
  • I hope you discover what it’s like to lose an argument and be ok with it
  • I hope you have catnip or a fish with you every time you meet a cat
  • I hope you have a cat with you every time you meet a dog
  • I hope love moves through your heart like light moves through glass

And, how did I look after reading the book, and while writing this blog?

Like this:


As I have read an uplifting book, I must pay the good vibes forward. Hence, I hope a few things for my friends here.

For all the book-bloggers, and the visitors:

  • I hope everybody reads your blogs
  • I hope you receive enlightening comments
  • I hope nobody spreads hatred
  • I hope you discover amazing books
  • I hope you forgive the books which disappointed you
  • I hope the spammers leave you alone
  • I hope you create time to read, and write more
  • I hope somebody tells you that they are your fan
  • I hope you tell somebody that you are their fan
  • I hope we spread more cheer
  • I hope we fill the world with more smiles, words, and memories



17 thoughts on “300 Things I Hope: Give Me More

  1. This post really made my day! Thanks so much for writing it! I did recently tell you that I’m a fan and you complimented my writing too, so that’s two of your wishes fulfilled already! I wish you all the goodness and sweetness in life!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this so much! Happy birthday (late) and I hope all of these things for you too! I hope blogging never becomes a chore. I hope you will always have money to buy books, or access to a good library. I hope that you regularly get to eat delicious desserts and that you never experience guilt about it. (If you like desserts!)

    Liked by 1 person

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