After Revisiting VTV

vinnaithandi-varuvayaCall me corny but I am going to confess now. I watched Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (VTV) at Jazz Cinemas this afternoon. *takes a deep breath*

I watched the seven-year-old ‘musical romantic drama’ at the cinemas today only because someone whom I adore has myriad memories about it.

I must also admit that I am writing this blog to seek your forgiveness. πŸ˜‰ Because…

In 2010, I hurt the sentiment of a lot of people. I arrogantly observed, “Jessie doesn’t know that there is no wall and that she is not a cat.” I offered sympathies to poor Karthik. I spotted numerous flaws in the story and patronised the filmmaker.

Please wait before you ask if I committed the cardinal sin of loathing the album too. I did not. Rather, I worshiped it; I played the songs on loop and dreamed that I would travel to Malta some day. I kept humming Mannippaaya mindlessly that I had to rehabilitate myself after a while. πŸ™‚

Despite the brilliant, brilliant music, I declared that Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa had no depth.

Cut to 2017, be assured that I am not going to present an argument that I find the movie profound. No! I am insane. But not that much. I am seeking your forgiveness because the film made me smile today, it warmed my heart, and I walked out of the theatre, wondering if I am growing young a la Benjamin Button. Snarkier readers might reckon that my cognitive functions are degenerating; I am choosing not to pay heed all the same. At least for the nonce.

I didn’t roll my eyes when Jessie’s affection oscillated. I didn’t judge Karthik when he was hopeless and mushy. I didn’t utter ‘how convenient’ when Karthik revealed that he was a trained boxer. And I didn’t tsk-tsk over the conceited climax. I fail to fathom the reasons but the movie was like a whiff of fresh air, or like eating a fine pastry, or like basking in the morning sun. πŸ˜‰ Okay. I shall stop.

Perhaps, some movies work that way. Maybe it is not about the movies; it’s about us. Maybe, some of us change that way. Maybe, life and time untie a few knots, making us to surprise ourselves by redoing the very things which we would never envisage doing again.

Maybe, we don’t lose much by revisiting our judgements.

Maybe, that’s where the fun lies.

It doesn’t matter if that stuff is saccharine. So long as it makes us feel alive, then what is wrong in being silly?


4 thoughts on “After Revisiting VTV

  1. Dear Deepika,

    What a wonderful story about one of our favorite people – you! Such an interesting way to gauge the state of mind, or the world, through art. I enjoyed the Benjamin Button reference as well.

    For myself, I remember watching “Harold and Maude” when it first came out. What a movie….quirky and clever…who didn’t love Maude? Now I could be Maude! I loved the movie before for the approach to a somewhat taboo topic in thise days, and Maude herself living life to the fullest in her golden years. Now I understand Maude from a different point of view being in those years myself. I didn’t go from dislike to like, but my POV has definitely changed.

    It is really wonderful that you can look at a movie in a different way after time has passed. Another example that I can think of in my own life are the movies like “Beach Blanket Bingo” starrng Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. When I first watched it I thought “OMG – you have got to be kidding!” Later, years later, when I re-watched it I realized that it had become a classic in a way, because it really epitomized a generation of kids at that time. It was still goofy, but so were we back then. It is a big step to be able to go from eye rolling, to appreciating something, regardless of the reason. You have really touched on a universal truth here.

    It was so much fun to wake up and know that your article was waiting for me to read.

    What a delight. Many thanks for your observant eye, and your delightful sense of humor!

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