Breakfast at Bangalore

Do the clouds look like a woman?

“Bangalore is putting up its best show for you, Deepika!” said Soul Muser. When she observed that, it was drizzling and slightly cold. A much deserved respite for me from Chennai’s scorchers.

The clouds were hollering since the afternoon that they were going to pour their hearts out. It was the kind of rain in which we couldn’t be drenched completely. It was the kind of rain that allowed us to stroll, pay attention to the little things on the road, and have a hearty conversation. I wished the roads could be longer, the night younger, and we could walk into eternity.

I stumbled upon Soul Muser’s website two months ago. Her blogs spoke to me so much that I wanted to be in her life. Her book spoke to me so much that I mustered the courage to embrace the travel bug that bit me. After having spent a lot of time online with her, I decided to take a bus to Bangalore. Just to meet her.

I boarded the bus and asked myself, “Are you sure? What will she think of you? You have known her for only two months.” I had to dismiss the thought, for she has been gently steering me toward discovering a self, whom I didn’t know existed in me. I also remembered what she told me during many of our enlightening conversations — “Longevity doesn’t matter in friendship.”

Bangalore beckoned.

Soul Muser was not a wee bit different from the person whom I met online. Warm, thoughtful, kind, and inspiring. I spent about two days with her, goofing around, seeing a small yet beautiful part of Bangalore, stuffing my face with food, and listening to her stories. It was one of the best times of my life.

And, the Internet proved again that it is replete with strangers who would become my close friends.

While I think the entire weekend was memorable, quite a few things happened for the first time in my life; I am recording them here, as ever, for posterity.

• I went to another city to meet a friend.

• I took a day bus and dozed off often. Whenever I woke up, I was in a different place. I was reminded of this quote from Fight Club — “If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?”

• Many a time, I woke up to see rocky mountains. Innocent-looking cattle. Placid lakes. Tiny huts. Busy farmers. Green fields. Serpentine roads. Mischievous monkeys. I opened my eyes, captured the vignettes, and closed my eyes, as though safely locking up the pictures in a trunk.

SM, did you click this picture? I am not sure.

• Soul Muser and I walked around her neighbourhood, clicking pictures of the sky and flowers.

• She took me to a restaurant called The Fatty Bao. Its walls were adorned with paintings of PANDAS. SO MANY OF THEM. SO MANY. 😀

• She surprised me by ordering the dessert first. So, we started the dinner by having the dessert.

• And then, I had Bao and Ramen. Heavenly!

The Bell Jar was the first book Soul Muser and I read together. We paid tribute to Plath by having Warm Fig for the dessert we had after the meal, because the fruit is one of the literary devices employed in the book. She helped me to read a couple of articles on allusions, when we read. We discussed it more while attacking the dessert and we both agreed that The Bell Jar has been growing on us although we didn’t enjoy the book much when we read.

• We spoke and spoke and spoke till 3 AM. We filled her room with dark secrets and silly jokes.

• I jumped for joy, when she made tea and a bowl of Wai Wai Noodles and Maggi Noodles for breakfast. And, and, she allowed me to have breakfast in bed. Too much pampering!

Gulmohar trees.

• We drove around Bangalore for a while before lunch. I couldn’t stop saying ‘How beautiful!’ for the roads were bordered by Gulmohar trees. She walked me through her life by showing the houses where she lived, the college where she studied, the places where she worked. It was a unique tour.

• We went to a restaurant called Kamat Bugle Rock for lunch. A group of unassuming musicians played classical songs on their harmonium, violin, and mridangam. We listened to the mellifluous tunes and didn’t mind waiting to get our seats.

• We savoured the traditional North Karnataka Meals — Jowar Roti. I am still drooling.

IMG_20160509_072252• She clicked this picture of yours truly at Blossoms — one of the popular bookstores in Bangalore, where she also got me a copy of her favourite book, Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.

• We went to a pub, where I tried hookah, as I listened to the pitter-patter of the rain. Some moments can’t come back.

The weekend was special for another reason too. It was my first travel after the breakup.

I travelled, but carried no baggage.

(Thank you, Soul Muser, for being a wonderful ‘host’! And please tell me how many lakes are there in Bangalore now?) 😉


29 thoughts on “Breakfast at Bangalore

  1. Yaay. Rocking post Deepika. Glad that you had a nice vacation without any baggage. 🙂
    PS: I was in Bangalore on 7th evening and 8th; I thought that I saw you, but she had long hair. Honest!

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  2. This is a great post and a great story.

    Social media allows us to connect with all sorts of people that we would not otherwise connect with. It is great when we are able to turn these connections into real life interactions.

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  3. This might be my favorite post by you, Deepika! So evocative of a special place with a special friend. Sounds magical. And it’s truly something to travel by yourself – it takes bravery even if you’re only going a short distance.

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  4. I was so excited for you that you undertook such a wonderful adventure, perhaps going out of your comfort zone to see what might happen. I love it because it is also something that I love to do. Sometimes the first steps are the hardest. Soon you will go to Texas, and some day you may come visit me! So many fantastic experiences are ahead of you. As always, I loved your writing….I want to read a book of your writings and illustrations, to pull it off the shelf as the whim takes me. You are amazing!

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  5. Yay! So happy you had a fantastic time in Bangalore with Soul Muser! So that is where that photo is from 🙂 Glad that you took your love the little things – attitude with you. It travels so well 🙂

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  6. This is really lovely Deepika. Sounds like a really special weekend. I’ve met a few bloggers and internet reading friends over the years and some have become very special friends. Your closing line “I travelled, but carried no baggage” is brilliant! Sounds like Soul Muser was great for your soul.

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  7. Sounds like a wonderful outing. I really like your description of waking up and finding yourself in a different place while on the bus, the landscape always different.
    And PANDAS!! 😀 Love the illustrations of the lady and gentleman pandas. Just for that – awesome restaurant.

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