Event Update: Remembering RK Narayan

Yaaay! I am so excited. πŸ™‚

The RK Narayan ReadalongΒ is just around the corner. Let me remind you all about the plan one more time.

As I mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no pressure. You may read just one book, or read as many as you want.

Title I suggest:
The Guide
Malgudi Days
Swami and Friends
The Bachelor of Arts
The English Teacher❀
A Tiger for Malgudi

May 1 to May 15

1. You may blog about the books.
2. You may Tweet, and Instagram it. And, do not forget to use the hashtag: #RKNReadalong

I intend to read The Guide and reread The English Teacher. What are you going to read?

Thank you all so much for participating:
Heidi,Β Bina, OT,Β Whitney, Janani, Naz, Katy, Priya, Juhi, Jo, Krubha, Disha,Β Patty,Β Ramya, and Beat About The Book.

Please forgive me if I have missed to include you. I will add you to the list, if you would let me know in the comment.

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on RK Narayan’s books. Many thanks! πŸ™‚

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49 thoughts on “Event Update: Remembering RK Narayan

  1. I couldn’t find a single Narayan book in Dublin 😦 Extremely disappointed that I haven’t been able to participate. I look forward to picking a few up on my next visit to India in a few months

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