Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi


I found Shatter Me creative. I found it weird.

The prose was lovely. The prose drove me insane.

The style is quirky. How does one read a book if SO many words are struck-through!

There are 3 5 6 pages. Why the devil does she count everything?

Someone told me that the heroine is a badass. I feel cheated.

Someone told me that the book is for X-Men fans. I feel cheated again.

Someone told me that the romance is memorable. I am not going to trust another soul again.

I will not test your patience anymore by aping the style that Tahereh Mafi employed in Shatter Me. 🙂

I had a rough start with the book. It took me a while for me to get used to the strange style, and Juliette’s voice. I don’t blog about books that don’t get along with me. If I do, I take my furry friends’s help to express my opinion.


Juliette is ‘gifted’; her touch is lethal. But, she doesn’t reckon she is gifted because her touch killed a three-year-old boy. After having been abandoned by her parents, she is subjected to solitary confinement in an asylum that’s run by The Reestablishment, the group that is swindling the dystopian world. She is loved by two men — Warner, and Adam. While Warner plays a pivotal role in The Reestablishment, and wants to use Juliette as a weapon to strengthen their power, Adam is his soldier.


The damsel in distress falls in love with Adam, as he rescues her from Warner’s clutches. Later, Juliette, and Adam reveal that they were classmates in school, and that they have always been in love with each other. But, the book opens as though they were perfect strangers. That is a red herring all right.


Do you want to know more? Okay. I think I heard a yes. 🙂

Adam is immune to Juliette’s power. How is that for a twist? So, that makes the romance easier for them. Finally, they dodge Warner, and meet a cool dude called Castle, who is reconstructing the world, and who is also gifted like Juliette. If he didn’t walk, and if he were bald, then we could have called him Professor Charles Xavier. Get it? But, Castle is Charles Xavier minus the awesomeness of Charles Xavier. While reading those pages, I was like…

455030367  Celebrity Internet Cat

So, looks like I chose the right book for Weirdathon. I was prepared to endure Juliette’s rambling because I read quite a few blogs about the book. But, her thoughts were weirder than I anticipated. And, I am not going to read the sequel.

My eyes break open. Two shattered windows filling my mouth with glass.

Warner thinks Adam is a cardboard cutout of vanilla regurgitations.


In Shatter Me’s defence, I did like some of the passages. Sorry. 🙂 I really liked these ones.

Sample these:

So, I seemed to have had a great start for Weirdathon. My next book is A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing. I am bracing myself. 🙂

But, before I stop ranting about Shatter Me, I want to know why the publisher wasted my page. I demand an explanation. 😉


That’s how my weekend was shattered.

So, my current mood is:



56 thoughts on “Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

  1. Exactly! Why would anyone strike so much in a book!? The character of Juliette does sound like the characters of X-Men but of course that couldn’t guarantee a book that matches the standard of X-Men. Sometimes, reviews are misleading. Sad.

    Reading such “I’m not insane” can easily make anyone insane! Book cover is interesting though.

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  2. I’ve seen many mixed reviews about this novel.

    The author claims that the strange style of the first novel is indicative of Juliette’s mental state and that her thoughts would become more cohesive as the story progresses. It’s a very unusual way to tell a story but hopefully it does become more lucid and tolerable in later books. I’m not sure I’m ready for something experimental that would end up disappointing me, though. So I’m still on the fence about this book..

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    1. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

      I read about the note on Juliette’s mental health in a couple of blogs, but her character surely should have been fleshed out well.

      Even if the style becomes tolerable in the sequel, I am not sure if I would try it again. Maybe, for the next #Weirdathon. 😉


  3. I’ve never heard of this book, but I will now be sure to avoid it. It would drive me crazy to read something with all those lines crossed out. Good review of it – very entertaining. And, the animals are cute. 🙂
    Good luck with A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing!

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  4. I hated this book as well. I read the rest of the series though. Why? Because I was promised it gets better. And guess what? It did. In the second book there’s less crossed out sentences and you none in the third. It’s symbolic of Juliette growing as a person. In the end I’m glad I stuck with it but the first book and a half was torture.

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  5. Well thanks for that. I had seen this book around but hadn’t really read a review of it. And it is so not my kind of book and now I don have to bother with it! So thanks for saving me the time! 😜

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  6. Wow, I cannot imagine reading through this one but mainly because of the part where the guy is immune to the girl’s curse. That just gave me a very Twilight feel. But I actually like the idea that there are crossed out sentences in this book. It feels sort of unique.

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  7. I loved your commentary on this book Deepika. It made me smile and was in and of itself creative.

    In theory, I really like the idea of crossed out sentences like this author uses. I think that such a technique can be employed to really good effect in reflecting the way a person thinks.

    With that, such experimentation can really backfire and not work out.

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  8. Ha, that was a weird book alright! Have you read “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”? That one has an interesting layout as well. I remember a page underlined in red. I thought who dared defile this book? Then I realized it was the author’s fault. 😉 It’s a very good book, I recommend it.

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  9. Thoughts in OT’s mind on a Monday morning:
    I wonder how I missed out reading this post; that too it was posted last night itself. Ptch, ptch, missed out reading it leisurely on a Sunday evening.
    LOL – hey, she’s started of pretty nicely, mimicking the author’s style of striking out and rewriting thoughts.
    The prose drove me insane. I wonder how to interpret that – insane by its beauty, or, insane because of it’s weirdness.
    “My eyes break open. Two shattered windows filling my mouth with glass.

    Warner thinks Adam is a cardboard cutout of vanilla regurgitations.”
    If that is a sample of her prose, then I’d think that it was the latter interpretation. Though, God knows, D might like it; she has some weird taste. 😛

    She’s going to take the help of her furry friends. 🙂 This is going to be fun. Bossman looks professional in his natty suit. 🙂

    Yep, yep we are listening. Go on.

    That tabby sure has a sense of humor. I’m like ROFL ing myself after reading that passage.

    Aww – you poor panda – that was tough wasn’t it.Well all in a day’s work. Thanks for going through a gruelling experience to give us pleasant Sunday evening. Oops sorry, strike that – to drive away our Monday morning blues. 🙂

    I hereby confer the Most Creatively Funny Book Blogger Award to Ms Deepika Ramesh.

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    1. Dearest OT, what will I do without you! You made my Tuesday morning. I am SO glad you liked it. You are such a creative writer. Thank you for all the kind words. 😀

      Wahaha @ striking that. You are hilarious.

      Books like this always ask for funny blogs right? And, furry folks are always game to help. 😉

      PS: D has weird taste? *still sheds a tsunami of tears* 😉

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  10. Hahaha, her touch is “lethal”! So sorry, but that reminded me of Reshammiya’s (is that how you spell his name?) latest movie! And whats with that I’m insane page? That looks like such a dramatic waste. But I like the way you’ve aped the style in the beginning – it’s hilarious! XD

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  11. Ahahaha omg! And you only posted the great passages and here I thought I need to read this asap, you got me!! 😀 Love the grumpy cat pic! The premise readlly does sound awesome, ut the style…ugh not sure I can take it tbh. Maybe when I’m bored and have nothing else to read…sounds like the second half is okay, so not crossing it off my tbr just yet.

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  12. I very much enjoyed the assist from your animal friends in writing this review! Too bad the book didn’t quite work out. I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it. I do hope you get on better with A Girl is a Half-formed Thing. I loved that book! But no pressure 😉

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    1. Thank you, Stefanie. I knew you would like the furry friends’s pictures. 🙂

      For some reason, March is not being kind to me. I couldn’t cope with ‘A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing’. I have shelved it for now. I hope I will return to it some day. I am glad you loved it. I am sure I will pick it up again. 🙂


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