After Calvin

When Calvin — my first pet — was 10, my parents told me that they wouldn’t want to raise another dog after him. But, just a few months after their declaration, I rescued Boo. (Her rescue-story is interesting. I will save that for another post.)

I fostered her for a while, but nobody wanted to adopt her, because she’s a mongrel. So, I accepted to become a foster-failure. 🙂 She became my second furry friend. My parents were not too happy about the decision I made that day. But, they didn’t complain nevertheless.

My Calvin passed away last year. He was 12. We chose to let him go on the table, as he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in his abdomen. My tribute to Calvin is here.

While I coped with the loss fairly quickly, my parents were crestfallen. It’s been about five months since Calvin left, but they keep talking about him, they keep laughing reminiscing about his antics, and thankfully, my mother, whom we thought would take a lot of time to recover, is not grieving anymore.

Although I know what helped my parents to gather their broken heart, I waited for them to recognise the saviour. And, my mother did thank Boo a few weeks ago. As she was scratching Boo’s ears, and kissing her forehead, she told me, “I see Calvin in Boo every day…” I couldn’t stop smiling.

“If not for Boo, our lives would have been gray,” she observed.

My heart was warmed. 🙂 ❤

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Boo sleeps in my room every night. However, my parents take her out before I wake up. They play with her, throw her toys 923 times every day for her to fetch, offer her bananas and buttermilk (her favourite treats), and keep massaging her chest and spend countless number of hours rubbing her belly. 😀

Calvin was special; his character was unique. (Each animal is unique.) No other dog can fit into our memories of our first furry friend. But, I always thought that his loss shouldn’t empty us of love that can keep growing. This is what I wrote on the day when Calvin left:

After we buried Calvin, my mother told me that we shouldn’t adopt another dog after Boo. But, I told myself that I am not going to stop practising what Calvin taught me — to adore animals, and to share my roof with them. Calvin might have taken a piece of my heart, creating a permanent dent. But in other ways, he seemed to have created more room in my heart to carry more animals. ❤

How grateful we are to Calvin, and Boo! 🙂

And now, with all my heart, I hope that we will choose to raise another furry animal. In good time.


24 thoughts on “After Calvin

  1. Your tribute to Calvin was just beautiful. Your writing was so lovely because somehow you did such a wonderful job of sharing your feelings and emotions, and those of your family, in a way that was refined and showed so much compassion and dignity.

    Your story about getting Boo was so interesting. Everyone who loses a beloved pet goes through the struggle of whether or not to open the heart to another pet/family member. I am so happy that you acted on your instincts.

    I have had dogs almost my whole life. Each time one passes away it leaves a hole, but it is a hole that is waiting to be filled again. Ruby has had many health problems and a year and a half ago I was told that she only had a year or a year and a half. She is healthier than ever so I am so fortunate that she has managed to bounce back.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely stories. Have you thought of doing some illustrations to go with the stories? Again, the stories were just beautiful. Thank you.

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    1. Heidi, thank you very much for reading, and sharing such warm words. 🙂 I am so happy for you, and Ruby. It’s a great feeling to see our pets prove the vets wrong about their diagnosis/prognosis. Ruby is lucky to have you. Sending loads of love to you, and Ruby. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I’m welling up here after reading your post. The relationships we have with our pets can be so deep, and having to say goodbye is devastating. My dog is also called Boo, by the way! 🙂

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  3. This is a wonderful post.

    I love animals and have become very attached to pets throughout my life. Though it is such a difficult thing when they leave us, the rewards for both the animal, as well as us humans, are enormous.

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  4. Such adorable dogs! It is hard to lose a beloved animal. We’ve always had more than one animal at a time which definitely does ease the pain when one dies. The one(s) that are left understand there is a void to fill and they do their best to fill the space.

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  5. I’m not crying a bit right now. I swear I’m not. This was a really lovely post – it’s fantastic that you have a rescue pet. All animals deserve a home and to be loved, whether they are purebred or not!

    I don’t know where I’d be without my pets. I haven’t been able to have dogs or cats as I live in a rental property, so I’ve had little feathered pets for the last fifteen years or so. I had a pet chicken who I loved to pieces – she was very smart and so full of personality. Then I had a budgie names Jeffrey who was just the best thing ever – he died a couple of years ago and I still think about him all the time. Now I have another baby that I’ve had from an egg(!) and he’s the funniest little thing.

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    1. Heather, thank you so much for sharing such lovely information about your feathered pets. I haven’t interacted much with them, but I know they are awesome.

      And, I am so sorry about Jeffrey, and your pet chicken.

      I hope, one day, you will adopt a dog or a cat, who will love hanging out with your feathered pets too. 🙂

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  6. I have never had any pets, but I can relate to the sense of loss you must have experienced when you lost Calvin, it’s difficult when we lose someone dear to us. But we humans are a very resilient lot; we find solace and strength to move on. I am so glad that you guys have Boo in your lives. 🙂

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  7. I am a very big dog lover and pet person so I relate totally to your post here. I’m so glad you rescued Boo and that your parents let you keep her. They saviors — dogs — are they not? They help us every day. I couldn’t live without my dog Stella. Calvin was special — I think tributes and memories are a good way to honor them.

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