When The Calendar Became Something Else

My Sundays are usually dedicated to Zen-doodling. I doodle memorable scenes from my favourite books, and cover designs. Although I borrow the patterns from Zentangle, my doodles are not orthodox Zentangles. So, I choose to call them Zen-doodles. Some of it are displayed here.

I had exhausted my doodle-pad last weekend, and forgot to buy a new one. Just when I was about to start sulking about how mundane my Sunday was going to be, my inattentive glance fell on my calendar that I had bought from Mutt Comics. Now that we have lived for more than 50 days this year, the calendar looked like a tiny doodle-pad; I delighted in the idea.

So, today’s doodles were done on the calendar’s not-so-spacious back. But it was fun all the same. 🙂





23 thoughts on “When The Calendar Became Something Else

    1. Thank you, Athira. I took inspiration from my friend’s doodles. She did my header image too. Zen-doodles are simple and therapeutic. I hope you like it.

      I will take inspiration from you for knitting. Love the sweater that you made for Shriya. 🙂 (Is that how her name is spelt?)


  1. Your artwork is terrific. I wonder if you have an untapped gift? Do you have something like a Saturday market where you live? If I saw these with a matte board or in a little frame I would buy several….you could make limited edition copies.

    Could I also suggest putting together a portfolio to submit to publishers? Most children’s picture books have the writing done by one person and then usually the publisher chooses an artist to make the illustrations..a style that they think would match the writing.

    I love your work! Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words, Heidi. 🙂 It’s just been a month since I started Zen-doodling. I am still trying to find a tutor, or a workshop where I can learn more patterns. Not a lot of people do this in Chennai. My friend, who inspired me to do this, has promised to teach me about the nuances. I will practise more after that, and try selling postcards and tiny frames to my friends. 😉


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