On A Book-buying Hiatus

After I wrote this blog on 20-December-2015, and despite knowing that there are more than 100 unread books in my stash, I bought these books last week.


Even if I device a budget to control my book-buying habit, I conveniently breach my rules every month. But, I cannot carry on like this. Because of these reasons.

  1. I have to save for my trip to the US. (My visa application is being processed, and my interview is scheduled for 16-February.)
  2. I can hear my bookshelf wailing. It’s supremely disorganised, and I also realised that I am bad at cataloging. So, I can’t make my shelf sag with more burden.
  3. I have to save to buy a bigger bookshelf by the end of this year. 🙂 The mere possibility excites me.
  4. Zen-doodling offers a great purpose. I must reserve some cash to buy more ink-pens, and doodle-pads.

And, those pointers make me eligible for Andi’s ‘Read My Own Damn Books‘. 🙂

When this year began, I thought I would not have any reading resolutions. But, it looks like I must be a bit more disciplined, when it comes to buying books (read hoarding books). 🙂

My resolutions are:

  1. Of course, I am going to read my own damn books.
  2. My local library looks pathetic. But, I want to give it a fair chance by becoming a member.
  3. Like Andi says in her blog, my next purchase should be a reward. So, I should ideally buy my next book if I clear my visa interview, or after booking my tickets to the US, or after reading a handful of books.

With all my heart, I hope I wouldn’t visit Amazon, and the local bookstores for a long while. 🙂 I want to trust myself.

Also, my resolutions impact two of my family members: Mother’s siesta wouldn’t be disturbed, because she doesn’t have to collect my books. Boo might be disappointed, for she wouldn’t be able to chase, and breathe fear into innocent mailmen. 😉





15 thoughts on “On A Book-buying Hiatus

  1. I’ve been trying to place myself on ban but I’ve unsuccessful so I’ve come to a compromise with my habit. I’m only allowed to buy a certain number of books each month and only if I have a coupon or some other deal. The compromise sort of works.

    I’d love to get The Fishermen but the bookstores I go to never have them in stock. I guess I’ll have to get it online. And I hope you have lots of fun when you come to the US.
    Oh! What sorts of pens do you use for your doodles? It’s been such a long time since I’ve done zentangles. It just seems that there’s never any time for drawing.

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  2. Nice – I hope you manage to stick to these. I can’t have a book buying ban because I just won’t stick to it – in fact, if I impose a ban I’ll probably go and buy a book right away in defiance!
    Lynn 😀

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  3. On a book buying hiatus – so the post title says.
    I rub my eyes and see again. – they’re still there – eight rectangular spaces displaying 8 book covers.

    Ah! I get it. Those are the enticing ones perched in front of D’s mind’s eye tempting her to buy them, and D resolutely said NO.

    NO! That was me crying out in disbelief – she bought all 8 of them last week! Somehow this doesn’t sound right – does one buy eight books when on a book-buying hiatus? Now I am having doubts – about the meaning of hiatus. Perhaps they have switched “spree” with “hiatus” from the time I last saw a dictionary.

    She buys 8 books on a hiatus, now how many would she buy, when she’s not!


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      1. Your “Dry February” reminds me of an addict friend of mine – he said that he’ll not buy any booze the whole weekend. Guess what – he bought a stock of it on Thursday!

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