Tweenache in the Time of Hashtags: #SoSassy

TweenacheJudy Balan’s How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions, the first book in the Nina The Philosopher series was so delightful, that I wrote a letterish blog to Nina — the young heroine herself — last year. I told the overthinking kid that her blogs were extraordinary, she was thoughtful and endearing, and I was glad that I would see more of her, for two more books were due in the series. While my memories of reading the first book are still fresh, the second book in the series — Tweenache in the Time of Hashtags — is all set to be out. Just like how I read the first book, I devoured this one too in a few hours. And, how do I feel now? I must quote Nina.

It was like everything had changed and nothing had changed.

This time too, I am going to write a letter to Nina, and pour my heart out. 🙂

Dearest Nina,

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I read your blogs. #Timeflies

But, you know what comforts me the most? The fact that you haven’t changed. You still overthink, ask questions that are not cringe-worthy, make your family proud, and amuse your readers with your antics. Girl, I missed you! And, you are in Class 7 now? My goodness. I feel SO old.

Your spoiler in the beginning was epic. Although you offered a hint, my enthusiasm to read your blogs, to know your story didn’t fade away. That was a clever spoiler. 😉

My stomach hurt, when you found animal equivalents for some famous celebrities. My favourite was Ryan Gosling. The dude really looks like a cocker spaniel. 😀 Ouch! Did I spoil it? But, I couldn’t resist, Nina. #RyanGrowling 😀

If I found your idea for making new fragrances ingenious last year, I found the names you gave to your mum’s candles supremely hilarious this time. You are becoming more creative. #Takemyword

I doodled Nina. 🙂

That call you received on your birthday was a nice plot-twist. And, you proved how considerate you’re by giving things a second chance. I was pleased. 🙂

Nina, when I met you last year, you came across as a super intelligent girl, who was managing these children-stuck-in-grown-ups. You seemed impervious to big emotions. You seemed incredibly ideal. This time, it’s fun to see you having your fair share of adults’s world. Like having a crush on someone (he was #sohot, by the way), being jealous and overcoming it, participating in a #nerdwar, seeing the beauty of winning and losing, understanding different types of sexual orientation, and even appreciating mental wellness.

I might have made it sound big here. But, like I mentioned earlier, you — as a person — haven’t changed. You are still your #sosassy self, and I love you that way. Ah, and I adore your incurable curiosity, and irreverent humor.

Man, I also realised that you are a quote-distributor. A quote-vending-machine. I ran my highlighter generously on the first book too. In the second one, I am glad you underlined most of the memorable passages by yourself. Some of my favourites are these:

If there’s a flipside to my overactive imagination, it’s this: the disappointment of real life not matching the life in my head.

…when a situation gets really bad and out of control, the best you can do is see the humour in it.

Nothing can make you feel quite as alone as when your best friend agrees with the rest of the world.

‘I love messes!’ I said. ‘It’s always an indication that a lot of fun has been had.’

I don’t know what I’m thinking till I write it all out.

See, winning is a high like no other but losing just makes you a better person, I think. I mean, each one of those losses taught me something really cool and just expanded me, you know?

Nina, your first book was #good, the second book is #gooooood, and I cannot wait for the last one. But, that moment will be bittersweet. That will be my last interaction with you. I shouldn’t complain much, for your blogs are immortal. #ohsomushy #goodread #happyreader

Yours truly,
Worn Corners 🙂



8 thoughts on “Tweenache in the Time of Hashtags: #SoSassy

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Deepika.

    I think that your ideas of blogging a letter to a fictional character in this book is really neat and creative.

    I also think that the titles of these books are also really neat.

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