24in48Readathon: Lumberjanes and Binti

readathon1It’s been about three hours since I started the readathon, and I finished Lumberjanes #1 by Grace Ellis, and Noelle Stevenson, and Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. I had to exit my comfort zone to read both the books. I usually don’t read comics, and sci-fi. So, I am glad I tried something different for my first readathon. 🙂 (Thank you, Bina!)

Lumberjanes is nice. It is super short, and I chose not to buy the second volume on Kindle, because comics are colourful, and I wanted to acquire the hard copy. Maybe, I would read the next book in February. I cannot wait. Lumberjanes is all kinds of fun.

BintiBinti. Binti. Binti. Oh, I loved Binti. I loved Binti more because I love novellas. Also, Nnedi Okorafor’s work is not a plain sci-fi. It’s not the kind of sci-fi that attacks my brain with information that I struggle to assimilate. Binti is a sci-fi with a heart.

Binti, a free-spirited, intelligent teenager from Himba community, leaves her planet (which she often calls desert) to join Oomza University in another planet. She flees home with the dreams of making it big at Oomza University. But, her travel to the university itself turns adventurous, as Meduse warriors attack her ship, killing everybody except the pilot, and Binti. The teenager — although intimidated, and homesick — prepares herself to face death any minute, and volunteers to become Meduse’s ambassador to recover their chief’s belonging from the university’s museum, only because she doesn’t want any more lives to be lost.

Okorafor’s novella has everything that a sci-fi usually offers — aliens, mysterious planets, fascinating ways of communication and unsolved puzzles. Binti has some heartwarming elements too — lyrical writing, and the teenager’s love for her culture, home, and above all… peace. 🙂

We prefer to explore the universe by traveling inward, as opposed to outward.

We use math to create the currents within them. The best of us have the gift to bring harmony so delicious that we can make atoms caress each other like lovers.

People were people, everywhere.

As I spoke, I fell into a rhythm, a meditative state very much like my math-induced ones.

My third book for the readathon is Three Blind Mice by Agatha Christie.


3 thoughts on “24in48Readathon: Lumberjanes and Binti

  1. Oh I’m so so happy that you enjoyed both books and I didn’t stear you wrong!! You capture everything that makes Binti so wonderful and I loved about it so well 🙂

    Have an amazing time with the #24in48! Can’t wait to see how you like the other reads. Happy readathoning 🙂

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    1. Thank you for all the lovely recommendations, Bina. ‘Binti’ was amazing. 🙂 ‘Three Blind Mice’ is just beginning to catch pace. After this, I might read ‘Matilda’ or ‘We Should All Be Feminists’. 🙂


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