Readalong: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, First Post


Reading the first few chapters in Steig Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was an exercise in patience. The prologue about an octogenarian receiving a strange gift from an anonymous person, every year on his birthday, was a good tease. I liked it. But, Mikael Blomkvist’s conversation with his friend, about the ‘miscreant’, and the tycoon Hans-Erik Wennerström, was like listening to economists, who had no mercy for their audience. During those chapters, I looked like:



And, my patience was rewarded, when I met Dragan Armansky, the proprietor of Milton Security, and his unconventional employee Lisbeth Salander. I loved that sassy girl. I loved her striped socks, short haircut, and black lipstick. Above all, I loved her I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-you-and-you-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-me attitude. She made me curious, and I started to flip pages because she erased my painful memories of the soporific conversation on economics, and corrupted business men. 😉 I was like:


All was going well. Then, the octogenarian Henrik Vanger arrived, hiring Blomkvist to solve the mystery of the century. What happened to his niece Harriet Vanger? Was she abducted, and murdered? Did she run away of her own accord? Blomkvist should try to find out some answers for Vanger, who wouldn’t go to his grave peacefully otherwise. Vanger’s family tree seemed daunting to me. So, I made no effort to remember all of their names, besides a few repeated ones.

Vanger’s Hedestad seemed like a lovely place. Blomkvist’s sexual adventures in the island surprised me a wee bit, only because I thought he was incurably in love with Erika Berger, the owner of his magazine. Aside the Vangers, he befriended a cat. I was like:


Nothing interesting happened in Blomkvist’s life, besides the fact that Vanger released him from a few tight spots. But, Salander was going through violent, disgusting times. Although I loved how she managed to gather her life again, her predicament made me uncomfortable. And, that’s how Chapter 14 ended.

Am I liking the book so far? I am not really liking. But, it’s gripping. So, I want to try.
Do I like the prose? No. Sorry. It’s deplorably prosaic.
Do I like the characters? I like Salander. I like Vanger to a certain degree.
The plot? It looks watertight so far. But, for all we know, I might have missed some obvious clues. Because my brain was tired of reading history, and statistics that seemed impertinent.

Regardless of my opinions, I am looking forward to finishing the book. Because, I want to know what happened to Harriet, who is Salander, and what made Salander Salander.


Perhaps, the next post will be my final blog on the book.

Bina, how are you faring? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Readalong: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, First Post

  1. I love how you expressed your feelings with the cats and dogs pics. 🙂
    I’ve read the book 5 years ago almost to the day (tomorrow would actually be 5 years). I remember liking it up to a point but that didn’t carry me over to book no. 2.
    The movie was intense.
    Do you plan on reading all 3 books?

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    1. Oh wow. This is a nice coincidence, isn’t? I don’t intend to read all the three, Delia. I don’t enjoy this writing much. I am curious about the movie though. I will surely watch it. 🙂

      There was not a lot to write. So, it was fun to play with dogs’s and cats’s pictures. 😀


  2. Taking on your questions.
    My 2 cents (paise):
    Am I liking the book so far?
    (I am) not certain. But, yes, I agree with you, it was gripping.
    Do I like the prose? Hmmm. nothing noteworthy about the prose.
    Do I like the characters? – Salander rocks.
    The plot? – I cant recall much about the plot. I was some really twisted, but run-of-the-mill-thriller.

    PS: Hey, great way of expressing your opinion, with those dogs and cats. 😀

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  3. Haha loved the animal pics! 😀 I did look the same way reading the economic bits 🙂

    Yes what is going on? So far I only really care about Salander and I want to know more about her. But the Harriet mystery is also interesting, will definitely keep reading!

    I found the language to be a bit awkward I have to admit, maybe a translation issue. What did you think of the original vs English title?


  4. Great post! Animal pics are awesome.

    I’m reading this now. I only care about Lisbeth so far. Lisbeth, and the cat Mikael befriended. 🙂 Because I love cats.

    I’m enjoying the books so far, it’s very gripping and I’m really curious about the Harriet case.

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    1. Hi Lucia, glad to meet you, and welcome to my blog. 🙂

      I am so glad we are reading it together. (Sorry, I couldn’t wait, and finished it this morning.) 😉

      And, yes, Salander is amazing. I look forward to hear your thoughts. 🙂


  5. I have the following complaints against the defendant:
    The defendant announced, on her blog a read-along, on this blog on January 10th with the following schedule:
    “January 8th: Chapter 1 – 7
    January 15th: Chapter 8 – 14
    January 22nd: Chapter 15 – 22
    January 31st: Chapter 23 – the end”

    The defendant never adhered to the above-mentioned schedule.
    To begin with the date of the announcement is Jan 10, whereas the first post should have come on Jan 8. That means a missed installment.

    Next she posted her first post (and apparently last post) on / of the readalong, mentioning in passing, that she would probably finish the book ahead of time.

    Never mind the distress that the casual reader of this blog would have been put to, considering that they were shortchanged; even that could’ve been forgiven, if only the blogger had posted a summing-up post (or atleast a comment) about the book on completion (of the book. The blogger has since made good her escape on another (band)wagon, the readathon. Now it is moot whether the readalong will proceed.

    Now imagine the agony of the visitor left in suspense, on whether the book was completed or not, and what was the final opinion of the blogger on the book. I hereby submit that the absconding blogger be brought to book and be ordered to post a detailed review on the said book, as punitive damages.

    That’s all your honour, I rest my case.

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    1. Wahahahaha! 😀 OT, I am really laughing out loud. Like really.

      I finished reading ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ last morning, and waiting for the other participants to finish it. 🙂 I didn’t write anything lest I spoil it for them. So, I am patiently waiting for them to finish it, and meanwhile, the #24in48readathon came up. 😀 I love your comment. I love it so much. 😀

      In other words, I have reserved my observations, my honour, for the benefit of other readers. 😀

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