The Breathings of My Heart

I am not a planner; almost every decision in my life was made without paying a second thought. That’s how I began blogging in 2008.

It was called Deeps’s Scribblings. The blog is not open to public anymore to save myself from possible embarrassment. 😉 In truth, I haven’t mustered the courage to visit it lately. It was horrible, but it was still fun.

In 2010, I realised that Deeps’s Scribblings was super ridiculous. So, I opened a blog called The Lady with the Dogs, named after Anton Chekhov’s popular short story. I used it till April 2015, and I chose to stop using it, for it became a bit tedious to maintain two blogs. Because, in March 2015, I set up this blog — Worn Corners.

Here, I write about everything under the sun. I rave, whine, and purge. Although I intended to use it only as a book-blog, I am now using it like a journal. I am now recounting the past, because I have bought a domain for myself. This blog is now officially And, that makes me a wee bit proud.

I purchased the domain a couple of days ago, and pinged my friend Kirthi, asking if she would do an artwork that would best describe me, a picture that I can use as a header. Kirthi readily agreed, and her gifted hands created this:

Worn Corners

Boo is reading. My imaginary feline friend is about to wolf down a BIG mug of coffee. Kirthi’s friend Scruff — the pink pig on the wall — is also a part of the picture. And, Kirthi proved how incredibly thoughtful she is by writing my favourite books’ titles on the spines. And, both of us are pandaphiles. (Did we just make up that word?)

Kirthi offered a sneak peek as she was progressing. I couldn’t employ the mot juste to tell her how beautiful this picture is, and how thankful I am. When Kirthi explained the picture’s significance to me, I couldn’t contain my excitement. In her mellifluous voice, she said, “Deeeepika! oh, you recognised Scruff! I am glad. That girl on the elephant is me. Ha! Ha! And, the panda is sleeping because he doesn’t have the IQ to read. Also, I drew a flower, because once in a while, we must step out, and bask in the beauty of nature.” I kept going, “Awwww!”

When I managed to compose myself, I told her, “Pigs don’t have to read because they are already intelligent. Let them be snobbish. Pandas don’t have to read because they are cute. Let them be adorable. And, you are right. I must go out often.”

I am incurably in love with this artwork. This picture is what I am. ❤

I am a sucker for tiny, warm moments in life. A couple of animals, loads of books, hot coffee should do to keep me content. 🙂

And, Worn Corners is now a proper website; the best thing that has happened to me this year.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
― William Wordsworth


6 thoughts on “The Breathings of My Heart

  1. So glad to have “met” you this year! I’m more of a planner than you, but not much; it’s good to leave oneself open to what may arise. I like using a blog as a journal, not only for book reviews which can be so limiting. How wonderful to have the artwork by a friend which reflects you so well.

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