Doors Keep Opening: A Prelude to 2016

you_can_never_have_too_many_books_cat_poster-r644228c35f2141d19138331bc62c6199_wvc_8byvr_324Father walks into my room, stands akimbo, and looks at my bookshelf. “Your bookshelf looks like an over-populated country. Stop buying books until you empty your to-be-reads,” he says. Just when I begin to respond, mother enters. She throws a quick glance at the overladen bookshelf. Without taking her eyes off the shelf, she says, “Your bookshelf is full. You have to get another one soon.” When I grow up, I will vote for mother. 😉

My bookshelf is indeed in a grave state. If those books could speak, they would employ some creative swear words to abuse me. 😉

I recently discovered that reading offers a fulfilling purpose to my life, and I burn a large whole in my wallet every month to acquire mountains and mountains of books. And, my mother is right. I should buy a larger bookshelf. Or, I should give away some of my clothes to make space for books in my wardrobe. I think I might as well do the former. 😀

This morning, I woke up with an unsettling feeling — I stood in front of my bookshelf, and wrestled with an urge to buy more books, only because my TBR in Goodreads has grown exponentially. I succumbed to the impulse, and ran amok online. After I ordered a long list of books, a realisation dawned on me — I should take stock of unread books in my bookshelf, and Kindle.

The activity exhausted me. Like a grocery store’s owner, I held a notepad and pen, jotted down the books’ titles, and often wondered, “When did I buy these books!” Sometimes, I kicked myself in my derrière, asked myself, “Why did I buy some of these books?” I consciously chose not to dawdle by reading the blurbs, and smelling the books. I wrote a quick list, and heaved a BIG sigh. Book-wise, 2016 is going to be eventful. 🙂

Here is the list:
Books in my Kindle:

Books in my shelf:

So, in total, I own 100 books that are yet to be befriended. As I wrote the list, the number looked formidable. I almost swore to myself, “I am not going to buy books in 2016.” But, I laughed at myself for being naive. 😉 One question from friends — Hey, did you read that book, one rave review by a book-blogger, one update on Goodreads, one moving passage in a Facebook page, are good enough to inspire me to indulge in the clandestine activity — splurging on books. 😀

“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren’t long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

“You don’t put your life into your books, you find it there.”

— The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

“I long ago abandoned myself to a blind lust for the written word. Literature is my sandbox. In it I play, build my forts and castles, spend glorious time. It is the world outside that box that gives me trouble. I have adapted tamely, though not conventionally, to this visible world so that I can retreat without much inconvenience into my inner world of books. Transmuting this sandy metaphor, if literature is my sandbox, then the real world is my hourglass — an hourglass that drains grain by grain. Literature gives me life, and life kills me. Well, life kills everyone.”

— An Unnecessary Woman by Rabih Alameddine

That’s me doing a little happy dance! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Doors Keep Opening: A Prelude to 2016

  1. I just recently brought 2 large bags of books to work, and my co-workers went nuts. They were gone in 5 minutes, and I felt good. They were so enthusiastic & thanked me all day. So now I have more room on my bookshelves, hehehehe! Oh, and BTW, I’d vote for your mom too!

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  2. Haha, so true, that is a bookworm problem. Acquiring too many books 😀 You could join Andi at Estella’s revenge, she’s doing #readmyowndamnbooks in 2016!
    So many on your list I need to read, too! My budget is small these days, so I enjoy using Scribd and then buy only books I want in my library and wish for them as gifts. The problem with a new shelf: Oh no it’s so empty, I need more books immediately! 😉

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    1. Wahahah @ the problem with a new shelf! 🙂 So cutely said.

      I shall explore #readmyowndamnbooks soon, Bina. Thank you for letting me know.

      I really went a bit crazy in the last two days. I am going to stop buying for a while. Like really. I can only be hopeful, I guess. 😉

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