Emma Read-Along

5154BYCeUEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_One of my favourite bloggers Meredith, whose website I adore, is hosting a read-along this month. We are going to read Jane Austen’s Emma together. I am excited for two reasons. A) This is my first read-along. B) I am going to read a classic after so long.

If you would love to participate in the read-along, and looking forward to following a reading-structure, this blog of Meredith would be helpful.

As I progress, I would try to tweet and blog about the book.

Ah! Owing to the excitement, I forgot to mention that it’s been 200 years since Emma was published. So, it is a great time to read the book now, isn’t it? I couldn’t acquire the 200th Anniversary Special Edition. Hence, I am going to read it on my Kindle. It’s going to be fun. 🙂


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