The Other Side

I worked as a journalist at an English daily for three years. I wrote feature articles, and human-interest stories, and I derived immense pleasure from interviewing authors, and writing about books. I didn’t have a book-blog then. All the love I had for writing was expended for the newspaper.

When I was about to quit my writing-job, and make up mind to accept a desk-job, I set up this blog, and began writing about books. Although, I intended to write only about books, I ended up exploiting this space by purging out about everything that wrestled with my brain.

Just like books, blogging attaches a purpose to my life, and on WordPress I have been meeting a lot of interesting folks.

When I barely had any visitors, Delia from frequented my blog, recommended quite a few lovely books, and wrote encouraging comments. Through her website, I met more interesting folks, and my blog received more visitors.

My life now seems to have come full circle, because I have been featured in Delia’s website. In her Guest Post this month, I have written about my love for all things books and animals. I loved answering, and needed to do that exercise to learn more about my reading habits and preferences.

It feels great to be on the other end of the spectrum. After having asked questions for three years, I was delighted to answer for once.

Thank you Delia for the opportunity. 🙂 ❤

And, this is my happy-face!



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