We Met Again

I visit some places only once. Some places beckon me way too often; and each visit would show the place in a different light. Kanchipuram — the popular temple town of Tamil Nadu — falls under type-two. In the last one year, I went to Kanchipuram four times, and every time, the travel and the time spent in the cultural hub were exhilarating.

The feeling keeps getting intensified because I adore ancient temples. When I talk to my friends about visiting some of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu, they smirk. “You are not that old yet to pilgrimage,” they jest. Regardless of my age, I have included quite a few temple-trips in my bucket-list.

Back to Kanchipuram. The weather was pleasant today. That was a huge surprise! Yaay! We spent about nine hours travelling, temple-hopping, stuffing our faces, and shopping silk saris. I managed to capture some memories. 🙂

IMG_20151101_095753 The entrance of an almost-unknown temple called Pandava Thoodha Perumal. Lord Krishna’s idol in the sanctum sanctorum is so enormous that if one stands close to the idol, one has to strain one’s neck a lot to see its face. The temple was built was in the 8th century AD. A small shrine, but it transports me to another era effortlessly.



IMG_20151101_100720 (1)

IMG_20151101_100827 (1)


IMG_20151101_114824 Kanchipuram was reluctant to shrug off the Halloween spirit. 😉


Goli-soda — the almost-official drink of Tamil Nadu. It’s lemony, and <insert every nice adjective>. 🙂 Goli = Marble in Tamil. The bottle has a marble in its neck, and now you know why it’s called Goli-soda.


Meet Raja, who’s a hard-worker. His master seemed mean. But Raja was adorable. (All animals are, for that matter.) 😉
And, Kanchipuram is one of the very few places, where horse-carts are still used. I chose not to use it, because Raja seemed sick too. Poor boy.


The pillars of Ulagalantha Perumal Temple (famous one), which was constructed in 6th century AD. This is a beautiful temple too.


The clouds. Ah!


One of the lovely corridors. I wanted to sit there and read. But, people don’t read in temples here. I think, I should start. 😉


This unnamed little girl is one-month-old. I needed to down some energy drink to play with her. 😉


Am I the only one, who thinks rundown houses are beautiful? It keeps occurring to me that those are the resolute keepers of stories and memories. In other news, Kanchipuram is replete with many a rundown buildings. They are struggling to survive, but some inexplicable beauty lies in them.

I am certain that I’ll visit Kanchipuram soon. I’ll try to click more pictures next time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “We Met Again

  1. Such beautiful pictures. I can’t help but think of the Kanchipuram saree and nothing else when I hear the name. We went to Tamil Nadu to shop for my sister’s wedding, and bought some four dozen sarees in a day. I’m hardly a shopaholic, but it was fun!

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