I Let You Go: Almost A Killer

CaptureI read some interesting reviews about Clare Mackintosh’s I Let You Go, and I ordered the book without paying a second thought. For the last couple of days, I was always found with my head buried in this book. I must admit; it was addictive. And, a few curious acquaintances asked me, “Are you reading a chick-lit? The title sounds like one.” I heaved a deep sigh every time I fielded that question, and sought Gone Girl‘s help to offer an explanation. 😉

I had a melange of thoughts when I was reading I Let You Go. I have marshalled all of it here:

  1. I have read about 70 pages, but I still can’t remember the names, and something seems to be thwarting my immersion. Should I abandon this book? Or, should I try harder?
  2. Ah! This beach sounds beautiful. I would love to spend my whole life by the shore. What a lovely beach! Oh, and Jenna Gray’s cottage too.
  3. Awww! Beau is such a good dog. Awww! ❤
  4. Patrick Mathews must be a… erm… hot vet. Ahem! 😉
  5. Detective Inspector Ray Stevens doesn’t seem to be a regular inspector. He is refreshingly kind, and doesn’t approach a case for the sake of it. His determination to solve his cases is a tribute to the victims’ memories.
  6. I should try writing something on wet sand too. 🙂
  7. Tada! Here is the big twist that garnered rave reviews. It is not that big. But, it is good. Pretty good, in fact.
  8. I take a couple of extra breaks at work, steal some time to know what happens to Jenna Gray. I keep saying, “Just this chapter. And then, I will stop.” But I know I am lying.
  9. Part Two doesn’t offer a breather. I run along, panting and sweating, with Mackintosh. Good that I chose to endure the first few slow chapters. 🙂
  10. It’s all over. But, the ending is ambiguous. Why? Why would authors do this to me? Why wouldn’t they let me die peacefully? 😉

I Let You Go was as thrilling as Gone Girl. But, the latter was replete was profound quotes. I wish I Let You Go had more passages that I would have loved to share on Facebook. However, that disappointment of mine doesn’t challenge the fact that I Let You Go was super fun.

And, I loved this passage:

“Gradually, without my noticing, my grief has changed shape; from a raw, jagged pain, that won’t be silenced, to a dull, rounded ache I’m able to lock away at the back of my mind. It is left there, quiet and undisturbed, I find I am able to pretend that everything is quite all right. That I never had another life.”


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