The Perfect Groom: A Friend’s Story

18138175Nithya, the protagonist of Sumeetha Manikandan’s The Perfect Groom, doesn’t seem like a stranger to me. I have known her all my life, for I was born and brought up in Mylapore, where she hails from too. Having lived in the cultural hub of Chennai for 19 years, and having met quite a few poor Nithyas, who are exploited by relatives, nagged by in-laws, and taken for granted by their partners, the story that Sumeetha presents seems authentic.

Nithya might be ordinary. Her story might be increasingly becoming common. But the well-etched characters, who play pivotal roles in her life, are memorable. I might forget Nithya. However, I will not forget her ruthless chithappa, and the incredibly chivalrous Vasu. They both are from different planets. 🙂

Reading The Perfect Groom is like listening to a level-headed friend, who recounts her story, in a succinct fashion. That friend also throws in an ideal amount of drama and romance, and always, always cuts to the chase. Perhaps, she is the kind of narrator, who prefers ‘I am sad‘ to ‘My curtains are blue.’ And, I like her that way. 🙂


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