My Life in Books

10530695_10206047787810709_2057383171907282146_nBefore going to work this morning, I stole an hour to visit the websites of my blogger-friends, and through their blogs, I ended up discovering a couple of more interesting book-blogs. As always. 🙂

I particularly liked Jessica’s The Bookworm Chronicles, and Maren’s The Worn Bookmark. And, both of them had done an interesting activity called My Life in Books. Although I told Jessica that I would do the activity this weekend, I couldn’t resist. So, here are my answers to some lovely questions.

1) Find a book for each of your initials.
SStories of Hope by Kirthi Jayakumar (It made me shed buckets of tears, when I needed to do it the most)
DDogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones (A book that I intend to reread. I ❤ this book. Heffalump much!)
RThe Remains of the Day (This is going to be my first of Kazuo Ishiguro)

2) Count your age along your bookshelf.  Which book is it?
I am 28, and Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail is what I see in my bookshelf. In many ways, I made peace with my past with the help of this book. I found this incredibly inspiring.

3) Pick a book set in your city/county/country.
One Part Woman by Perumal Murugan. For I am unable to recall a book that’s set in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India), I have chosen a liberating book that’s set in Tamil Nadu. Also, for the very reason, that it showed me a Tamil Nadu that I didn’t know all these years.

4) Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to.
A Tiger for Malgudi. RK Narayan’s fictitious Malgudi is a place that I long to visit. I know it’s impossible. But, I can’t shrug off the feeling that I belong there. If I were to choose between visiting Hogwarts and Malgudi, I will backpack to the latter. 🙂 RK Narayan wove extraordinary magic by using the ordinary folks of Malgudi. That made the town more special.

5) Pick a book that’s your favourite colour.
Neil Gaiman’s Stardust. Purple.

6) Which book do you have the fondest memories of?
Charlotte’s Web by EB White. It’s my second children’s books, and I devoured every lyrical word of EB White. (Did I mention I was 27 when I read it?) 🙂 If I had a superpower, I would read it to every child, and make the book freely available for adults. I adore Charlotte’s Web.

7) Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. I still haven’t finished it. Perhaps, it’s one of the very few books I have abandoned.

8) Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?
The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman by Denis Thériault. For reasons that I haven’t established, I still haven’t acquired this book, although I have been spending a lot of money on books every month. My friend Vishy wrote an alluring review, and from that day I have been telling myself that I should buy this book soon. I am going to please myself next month. For sure. 🙂

Ah, this activity was fun! If I have arrived late, please share the link of your My Life in Books. If you find this fun too, then I would love to see your responses. When you write, do not forget to tag me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Life in Books

  1. Loved your post, Deepika! Hope you enjoy ‘The Remains of the Day’. It is one of my favourite books. If you like the TV series ‘Downton Abbey’ you will discover some of the storylines are inspired by Ishiguro’s book. His prose is so beautiful. Hope you enjoy reading ‘The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman’. It is one of my favourite reads this year – a slim, beautiful gem. Happy reading!

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  2. A post full of vim and vigour – loved it.Having said that going on to my “views” …

    We seem to be diametrically opposite in our view points – I read Charlotte’s Web (based on your review), but somehow I didn’t quite like it. I found Wilbur a cry baby, he didn’t do a single lovable thing – I wonder why Charlotte chose to help him.

    And Catch 22 was a book that I liked for its black humor.

    As regards, One Part Woman, I’ve read rave reviews about it, so my judgement is reserved until I read it.

    A book set in your city – f you’re looking for a book set in Chennai – you should read The Illicit Happiness of Other People by Manu Joseph.

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    1. Hi OT! Thank you for coming back. 🙂

      Wahaha @ being diametrically opposite. So true. 🙂 Now I get to know about what you like too.

      Adding ‘The Illicit Happiness of Other People’ to my TBR.

      As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts, OT. 🙂


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