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Goodbye, Calvin!

Everything about the brat and his boundless love here.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Calvin!

  1. I used to follow a lot of blogs, but now, perhaps, only one or two. All of us (bloggers) would have started blogging at around the same time, give or take a few months. It was like going to school together. There was a lot of sharing and bonhomie just like your co book bloggers.
    Many (bloggers) have migrated to other platforms. I also lost touch with many of them over time.Even now, if we “come across” each other, we recall old times.

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  2. *Frowns* No, no, no! I don’t want you to be diverted reading this and that, when you have so much reading to do and also write about it. And my blog was not a blog at all – it will look like a raggedly put together table of contents of links to posts on other blogs.

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