Calvin Turns 12

1536481_10203045543356474_847580813_nOne’s first pet animal is special in myriad ways. Every dog’s life might be a demonstration of priceless values like unconditional love, and loyalty. Their ability to be chirpy, and to be in the present might make them more extraordinary. But, it is the first pet that ushers us to a secret chamber in our hearts. In that balmy chamber, we learn to bask in their warmth, we learn to lend our hearts, and we appreciate the meaning of companionship.

The first pet wins a piece of our hearts, and creates a deep, permanent chasm there. But, once we taste the joy of giving a piece of our heart, we start offering more; we start loving more animals.

Our first pet – Calvin – turns 12 today. Besides becoming our passwords, the haughty old guy enjoys many privileges. And, I love him more for sharing his riches with my adorable ‘mouse’, Boo.

On this day, I am also remembering some of my favourite literary dog-characters: Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain, Fang, Fluffy, and Padfoot from Harry Potter, Earl, Guard Dog, Woofie, and Norman from Mutts Comics, Snoopy from Peanuts, Rambo from My Dog: The Paradox: A Lovable Discourse about Man’s Best Friend, Leo from Dogsbody, Winn-Dixie from Because of Winn-Dixie, Attila from Malgudi Days, and Cowboy from Cowboy and Wills. 🙂 They are all endearing!

Who are your favourite literary dog-characters? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Calvin Turns 12

  1. We too started off as first time pet keepers. We thought that dogs were meant for guarding; we thought that they would be tied up outside the house; we thought we could command / order them … you get the drift. Then Pappa came and changed all that – our perception about dogs, pets and how they were to be treated underwent a total transformation, not that we did not try, but the odds were against us, we had Pappa to contend with. She took away all our hearts. She’d have turned 14 this June, if she’d been alive. We miss her a lot.

    Literary dog characters?
    Except for Snoopy I don’t know the other guys in your list.
    Topping the list is of course Snoopy and then perhaps Dogmatix. I have a liking for cocker spaniels – being primarily influenced by Enid Blyton. In the list are Snubby’s Loony (Barney series), Susan’s Crackers, and Twigg’s Mr Potts (Six Cousins series). Of course you have Phantom’s Devil.

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