Of Bookish Gifts and Little Pleasures

I woke up like Grumpy Cat this morning, and whined about adulting, and generally going ahead with life. No surprise there. 😉 While I was grudgingly sipping my morning coffee, the mailman arrived, with a tiny box in his hand. I behave like a dog wolfing down its food, when I drink my first cup of coffee. Nobody should touch me, talk to me, or I would unleash violence. 🙂 So, my mum collected the package on behalf of me. The mailman was curious about my dog Boo; he raised a couple of questions about how ferocious she could get. Poor guy! He certainly didn’t know that I can be more savage if my morning ritual is disturbed. Since my mum’s answer about Boo was not too convincing, he left. I relaxed for a couple of minutes, and unwrapped the parcel, as slowly as I could.

And… these beauties greeted me. Quite cheerfully!

IMG_20150331_134759~2My sister doesn’t wait for an occasion to pamper her favourite folks. She keeps sending presents, every once in a while. When I asked her about why chose to send me this box of lovely handmade stuff, she said, “One doesn’t need a reason to make a loved one feel special.” I realised I couldn’t argue with her. Her opinion sounded like an ultimatum.

I am an infamous sucker for tiny, warm moments. 🙂 I would bring the roof down in the name of celebration, and I can feel insanely happy about some of the simplest things in life. So, I was naturally delighted in my sister’s thoughtful gesture.

I love all the three gifts. But, the bookmark is my favourite. The text on it reads – For an avid reader. Flattered! Flabbergasted! Uff! 😀 The vial is pretty too, so is the key-chain. I love all of it. Oh, I mentioned that already, didn’t I? See, this is what happens when a little, happy moment rules my day. 🙂

I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures…
– LM Montgomery

Thank you, Akka. 🙂 ❤


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