A Cruciverbalist’s Christmas

1463911_10205934585860731_8561309797560425012_n (1)I am a book-lover and a self-professed cruciverbalist. Yes, in that order! Even on days, when my world is off its axis, you would find me devouring at least a couple of quotes from my favourite books, and paying my daily visit to The Guardian to work on a few clues. If I fail to do any of the said activities, you may take me to the St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. 🙂

Now, imagine this. How would I feel if a dear friend sent me a link on a random day with a note that read, “Hey! Here is the link to the Harry Potter Crossword.” I swooned. I literally dropped the phone. His gesture appeared more thoughtful to me because a month ago, when we were solving crosswords together, he nonchalantly told me, “You like Harry Potter books. And you like solving crosswords. So, I will create a Harry Potter Crossword for you.” I thanked him and forgot about it. Also, I was not aware that he was working on it.

So, it was fantastic to receive the grid from him. Oh come on. 🙂 Not all of us have many friends, who can surprise in such ingenious ways!

His clues were a great mix of encouraging and challenging ones. My favourite clue is, What Hogwarts was for the protagonist and antagonist (4)

I took about three hours to solve the puzzle, I suppose. Working on the puzzle was like reading my favourite book, while basking in the evening sun and savouring chocolate icecream. Just beautiful!

PS – Thank you, my favourite Slytherin man. And if I print a Chocolate Frog Card, I will put your picture in it. Promise! 🙂


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